Food and Beverage

The role of packaging and labelling has become important as a marketing tool to attract consumers and serves as a shipping container for food and beverages. While the packaging is the physical materials used to wrap or protect food or beverage, the labels are attached to the product package to provide information about the product. Apart from the aesthetics, the food or beverage packaging and labelling must meet certain legal requirements in South Africa.

Food Or Beverage Labels Must Contain:

  • Name, trade name or description;
  • Name and complete address of manufacturer/packer, importer, country of origin of the imported food;
  • Net weight, number or volume of contents in metric units;
  • Distinctive batch, lot or code number;
  • Month and year of manufacture and packaging;
  • Month and year by which the product is best consumed;
  • Information about pharmaceutical and industrial products must be in English;