Loma Systems

Loma Systems are world-renowned for product excellence in the fields of metal detection, checkweighing, lock inspection, x-ray equipment and product quality testing for the commercial and industrial markets. Working in line with global compliance, Loma products are designed and developed to help businesses adhere to said standards, ensuring product safety, legislation and codes of practice are effectively met.

Product inspection is a vital component that contributes to the smooth running of businesses in the food and beverage, packaging and even pharmaceutical industries, which is where Loma Systems come into play. The brand has enjoyed decades of success and experience identifying product defects and ensuring optimal product quality for a number of different businesses.

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We have a comprehensive range of Loma Systems and lock inspection products available, including the following:

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  • Combination Systems – Metal Detection & Checkweigher

  • Combination Systems – X-ray Inspection & Checkweigher

  • CW3 Checkweighers DragLink series

  • CW3 Checkweighers for Heavy Weight Products

  • CW3 Checkweighers for Light Products

  • CW3 Checkweighers for Mid-Range Weight Products

  • Metal Detector Conveyors

  • Metal Detector Search Heads

  • Pharmaceutical Metal Detector